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  • muwire-0.6.8
    e21d4823 · Release 0.6.8 ·
    * Update i2p router to 0.6.8
    * Various core changes for plugin
  • muwire-0.6.7
    8fedc0c6 · Release 0.6.7 ·
    * Add ability to set custom welcome message for chat server
    * Add chat room monitor tool
    * Improvements for the CLI chat functionality
  • muwire-0.6.6
    0c40c8f2 · Release 0.6.6 ·
    * fix browse window from trust and chat views
    * scroll the chat field when new messages arrive
    * new message notifications on Windows and Mac
    * CLI: ability to sort files and results
    * CLI: chat server console
  • muwire-0.6.5
    fec81808 · Release 0.6.5 ·
    * announce to rooms when reconnecting to chat
    * add browse ability from chat window
    * make the chat button connect/disconnect.
  • muwire-0.6.4
    5fa2f275 · Release 0.6.4 ·
    * fix connecting to multiple chat servers
    * add right-click menu to trusted table
    * enable sharing of directories from "Share" button
  • muwire-0.6.3
    f875c379 · Release 0.6.3 ·
    Chat functionality
  • muwire-0.6.2
    761bf0a1 · Release 0.6.2 ·
    Release 0.6.2 for preview functionality
  • muwire-0.6.1
    a2637570 · Release 0.6.1 ·
    Fix unsharing files with comments
  • muwire-0.6.0
    fbf9add8 · Release 0.6.0 ·
    Wrap up the 0.5 series:
    * make signed queries mandatory
    * sign more query metadata to prevent replay attacks
    * fixes for the file grouping UI
    * add option to open containing folder of a shared file
  • muwire-0.5.10
    14d6d105 · Release 0.5.10 ·
    Release 0.5.10
    * Add new search UI where results are grouped by file
    * Add ability to store reasons for trusting/distrusting someone
  • muwire-0.5.9
    62e72a7c · Release 0.5.9 ·
    fix a bug in indexing comments where the last word in each line was not indexed
    add comments to certificates, fix bug where multiple certificates for the same file would get lost after restart
    add right-click option to uploads table to show the uploaded file in the library
    add right-click option to show shared file details like search hits, downloaders and certificates
  • muwire-0.5.8
    94678bad · Release 0.5.8 ·
    Release 0.5.8
     * Add support for search phrases, for more info see https://github.com/zlatinb/muwire/wiki/Search-Phrases
    * Add support for file certificates, for more info see https://github.com/zlatinb/muwire/wiki/File-Certificates
    * Sign update queries
    * Always share update files
    * Disabled hardcoded update check on startup
  • muwire-0.5.7
    ff1df886 · Release 0.5.7 ·
    Add advanced sharing read-only panel
    Fix non-ascii characters in nicknames
    Adjust table row height based on font size for tables and trees
    Fix the shared files tree collapsing on updates
    Sign queries
    better search box
    restore session on restart
    add clear search button
  • muwire-0.5.6
    82eaafc2 · Release 0.5.6 ·
    Start scripts:
    Limit the Java memory use to 256MB.
    Add support for sidecar files. For more information, see https://github.com/zlatinb/muwire/wiki/Sidecar-files
    GUI & CLI:
    word-wrap the comment editor and viewer
    enforce maximum comment length of 32kb
    Fixed changing font size on metal lnf
    Added system status panel that shows memory stats
    Added update notification panel
  • muwire-0.5.5
    3b882ae6 · Release 0.5.5 ·
    * Fix a serious bug in piece size calculation.  Re-sharing required
    * Upload slots management
    * Faster shutdown
    * Fix re-sharing of a file inside a shared folder upon restart
    * Stricter checking of results and headers
    GUI & CLI:
    * Do not clear uploads automatically by default
    * Show upload speed
    * Show search hit counts and downloader counts per file
    * Show how many times you’ve been browsed
    * Better close prompt on Windows and Mac
  • muwire-0.5.4
    5e329dfa · Release 0.5.4 ·
    Release 0.5.4 for new CLI
  • muwire-0.5.3
    b412f9fb · Release 0.5.3 ·
    Release 0.5.3 for router 0.9.43, system tray, close dialog
  • muwire-0.5.2
    54073af9 · Release 0.5.2 ·
    Release 0.5.2 for compressed results, UI improvements
  • muwire-0.5.1
    9c15208f · Release 0.5.1 ·
    Release 0.5.1 for browse host, search in comments, ui improvements
  • muwire-0.5.0
    1227cf92 · Release 0.5.0 ·
    Release 0.5.0 for new shared file view