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Verified Commit cb7dcda5 authored by zzz's avatar zzz
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Fix dup patched/unpatched jetty classes

parent 48cfb611
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@
<!-- comment out above line and uncomment below and the patches section further down if we need patches -->
<jar destfile="jettylib/jetty-io.jar" manifest="${jetty.base}/lib/jetty-io-${jetty.ver}.jar" filesetmanifest="mergewithoutmain" >
<zipfileset excludes="**/SslConnection.class" src="${jetty.base}/lib/jetty-io-${jetty.ver}.jar" />
<zipfileset excludes="**/SslConnection*.class" src="${jetty.base}/lib/jetty-io-${jetty.ver}.jar" />
<zipfileset src="build/jetty-io-patch.jar" />
<copy preservelastmodified="true" file="${jetty.base}/lib/jetty-jmx-${jetty.ver}.jar" tofile="jettylib/org.mortbay.jmx.jar" />
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