I2P Address: [http://git.idk.i2p]

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MuWire 0.8.12 featuring:
* Support for regular expression queries, see https://muwire.com/search-phrases.html
* Ability to configure watched folders from the Library tab
* Color non-shared folders gray
* Publishing files preview panel
* Tooltips
* Ability drop or block queries based on rules
* I2P router 1.7.0
* Latest Java 18
* Auto-update functionality
* Chat/message notifications on Windows and LInux taskbars
* Repeat search button
* Favorite chat servers address book
* Ability to select external I2P router
* Automatic reconnect if external router is lost
* New “Rejected” state for downloads rejected due to slot limit
* Ability to choose external router in setup wizard
* Fix bug in persisting downloads, GitHub issue 124
* Keyboard shortcuts for some actions, see https://i2pforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=1066
* Use background priority on Windows, GitHub issue 126
* More efficient updating of GUI when grouping by sender, GiHub issue 129
* Center all frames correctly, GitHub issues 130 and 133
* Color the cryptographic part of the nicknames gray
* Speed up startup by postponing connection to I2P
* Sort result tree alphabetically, GitHub issue 134
* many other small fixes