I2P Address: [http://git.idk.i2p]

The I2P Gitlab

The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is a fully encrypted, peer-to-peer private network layer that has been developed with privacy and security by design in order to provide protection for your activity, location and your identity.

For more information or to download the software, visit the project homepage on the visible internet or the invisible internet.

If you get your e-mail service from the Postman, use the i2pmail.org address and not the mail.i2p address. If you use the mail.i2p address, you will not be able to recieve notifications or complete the signup process.

You can also explore projects without logging in.


I2P : http://git.idk.i2p Visible: https://i2pgit.org

Alternate Addresses

.b32.i2p : 7qeve4v2chmjdqlwpa3vl7aojf3nodbku7vepnjwrsxljzqipz6a.b32.i2p

.onion : 47ggr2fa3vnwfyhvgskzdmr3i32eijwymxohtxsls45dulmriwxszjad.onion

Important Reminder

Because this is primarily an I2P service and because .b32.i2p addresses most naturally map to host:port pairs in this case, there are two addresses for this service, one for HTTP, and one for SSH. In order to use this service with an SSH client, you must set up a tunnel for use with the SSH address as described on the I2P Project site here:

The .b32.i2p address which you need for your client tunnel is: g6u4vqiuy6bdc3dbu6a7gmi3ip45sqwgtbgrr6uupqaaqfyztrka.b32.i2p

Support the Service

This service is provided free-of-charge to the i2p community by idk. If you want to help support this service, host your next I2P site on Digitalocean using my referral link.

The I2P Gitlab
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