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more logging

parent 61f30dd2
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ package clientapp
import (
// "path/filepath"
......@@ -107,7 +108,11 @@ func GenerateJava(ClientAppImpl interface{}) string {
var pkgdeclaration string = fmt.Sprintf("\npackage net.i2p.%s;\n", ECA)
var importdeclaration string = "import net.i2p.app.ClientApp;\nimport net.i2p.app.ClientAppState;\n"
var declaration string = fmt.Sprintf("public class %s implements ClientApp {\n", ECA)
var innerdeclaration string = fmt.Sprintf("\tgo.%s.%s.%s _clientApp;\n", ClientPkgName(ClientAppImpl), ClientPkgJavaName(ClientAppImpl), ClientAppName(ClientAppImpl))
elem1 := ClientPkgName(ClientAppImpl)
elem2 := ClientPkgJavaName(ClientAppImpl)
elem3 := ClientAppName(ClientAppImpl)
log.Printf("%s %s %s", elem1, elem2, elem3)
var innerdeclaration string = fmt.Sprintf("\tgo.%s.%s.%s _clientApp;\n", elem1, elem2, elem3)
var overrideDisplayName string = "\t@Override\n\tpublic String getDisplayName() {\n\t\treturn _clientApp.getDisplayName();\n\t}\n"
var overrideName string = "\t@Override\n\tpublic String getName() {\n\t\treturn _clientApp.getName();\n\t}\n"
var convertClientState string = ` private ClientAppState convertClientState(long cas){
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